The Program - What to Expect

Step One - Initial Review
We'll meet with you to discuss the history of your business, gain an understanding of its current situation, its challenges, its basic structure and how you see yourself and your business in the future.

Step Two - Plan Development
Next, we'll undertake a thorough diagnostic review of your business, considering factors like your current financial position, the value of your inventory and equipment, terms of contracts, available cash flow, etc. We'll also supply you with a written report of our findings and a detailed plan to move forward. We'll identify issues, corrective actions we think should be taken and provide an overview of outcomes along with a clear explanation of the path forward and the roles that will be played by you and by us. Last but not least, we'll supply a full cost and benefit scenario and the timeframe within which we can complete the project.

Step Three - Implementation
We undertake an action plan designed to answer the issues we've unearthed during our analysis. Depending on your needs, your individual business circumstances and the outcomes of our findings, this implementation period may include activities such as taking out new bank loans, selling equipment, cancelling leases, liquidating assets such as buildings and perhaps, selling the business. Each activity will be approved by you with the full understanding of how it fits into the plan overall.