Sell Used Machinery

Whether you are looking to sell 1 piece of equipment or an entire plant, please give us a call. With our worldwide contacts we are constantly in contact with a variety or buyers from around the world. If you are looking to retire or just wind up your business, selling the assets of your business may be the best way to realize some equity from your business. Call us to arrange for a free consultation to discuss what options may be available to you.
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Appraisals today are a necessary tool in the running of a business. Many banks or other financial institutions require appraisals from accredited individuals before they will arrange for financing of a business. Also, insurance companies are requesting more appraisals so that they can be sure that the level of insurance that a company is carrying is adequate. With both Darko and Robert Naumovski having a combined 50 years in the machine tool business as well as their CPPAG certification, you can be assured of receiving a fair and realistic appraisal for your equipment.
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Wealth Preservation

Small manufacturers, especially those businesses that have been passed down through generations, often face challenges that are unique to their special niche alone.

Whether it's the wake-up call of a changing business environment, time to hand over the reins of management, or the realization the business just isn't what it was in past, many owners face tough questions and even tougher solutions.

DB Machinery in partnership with Prism Interim Management Solutions has introduced a new program specially designed to address the kinds of wealth preservation challenges many businesses face. It's intended to keep the wealth the business has at present and protect it for the future.

Typical Business Circumstances:

  • • Overly dependent on one person
  • • Overextended with little cash on hand
  • • Loss of focus on the core product or service
  • • Not able to get additional financing from the bank
  • • Sales growth, but no growth in net income
  • • Children in the business who assume they can manage, just because they are owners
  • • A confused sense of direction with no consistent strategy for the business -succession planning, training, new technologies and skills acquisition.

Our Wealth Preservation Program delivers practical solutions in ways that are easy to see and simple to understand. We're specialists with years of hands-on manufacturing experience who deliver knowledge, expertise and common sense solutions to the clients we work with.

How the Program Works
Our three-phase program is designed to assess, plan and reposition companies for a brighter future. It follows a pre-established set of steps that allows us to gather crucial information, make an accurate assessment of positive and negative factors affecting the business, devise a strategy to move forward and implement change. Throughout the entire process, all discussions are private, all information is confidential and all decisions are made with guidance and due consideration.

Our Partners
Prism Interim Management Solutions is a Canadian company specializing in providing top-level management expertise during times it matters most. The services they offer are designed to provide senior-level executive support to bring stability to leadership, change management and business repositioning. By working beyond the normal scope of consultants who simply assess and recommend, Prism works as part of your business to develop custom-made strategies and execute them within a framework that's compatible with available resources.

Download our Wealth Preservation brochure, review it and then take the next step. Give us a call. Let's talk.

Industrial Machinery Storage and Container Loading

With 2 facilities, 1- 16ton and 1- 20ton crane, DB machinery can help you with your entire short and long term storage needs. Offering both ground and dock level loading, we can accommodate almost any of your industrial storage needs. If you are looking to have a container loaded to ship overseas, our team of highly trained riggers and machinery movers can pack your container so that we can maximize the amount of space that you use in a container and block it so that you shipment will arrive in a safe manner. Call us for a quote on either storage or loading services.
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